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Quin~Helisto~W's Profile

Current Mood: Optimistic
Quin~Helisto~W (*Damien, *Remos)
Male - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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I am a Strong Dominate Male...Having siad that...I believe that the Dom/sub relationship is one of trust, Love is extra but not necessary, Trust is the fabric that allows a sub to place themselves in the hands of another for structure and discipline, I am Gorean by nature and a Warrior by caste. I am Older than my Adult Role Play Character

On April 20th 2019 I pledged my Sword and my Honor to Helisto...I am head of the Island Malitia and Live within the Keep... I am not in the hunt for a FC nor am I ready to collar a kajira...There is much I need to do first...when the time comes and I feel ready to take a kajira as my own I will do so.

 roid sans,tahoma; font-size:16px">It will be my honour to serve Helisto...I am Old, Grumpy and I grunt alot...My sarcasm is sharp and my bark is usually to be heeded as you do not want to experience the bite.....I am old school...If I say I am pleased take it as a High not wait around for praise it is not coming...I am gentle at times I am harsh at not ever lie to me for any reason nor any purpose. I am Quin your most loyal friend or most dangerous enemy....Tal