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audha_TCF (Eira, *)
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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Collared to Tarragon Cottage Farm April 14, 2019

her name, audha, means property.  she was given the name by the Free Woman Sascha

* Proudly wears the collar of Tarragon Cottage Farm.

*  Is NOT allowed to travel to other Gorean Homes unless given specific permission by her Owners.

* May serve, dance and do chores, but is otherwise fully restricted to her Owners.

* May only eat with permission from her Owners.

* May only accept gifts with permission from her Owners, she may or may not be allowed to keep them

The collar around the neck of a slave bears the Owner’s Name, whether that is a Personal or a Home collar. A Gorean slave knows that their words and actions will reflect onto their Owner/ Home. A slave in a personal collar knows that their Owner has invested a lot of time and energy into training that slave, wear that collar with dignity, pride and gratitude.

While Free Persons may not always be right, they are by definition, never wrong. Therefore slaves do not argue with the Free (Remember, you have the last two words in any disagreement...those being, "Yes, Master/ Mistress." )

Slaves have no rights, you own nothing. Even your name is not your own, it can be changed at any time (it may be changed several times at a Free Person’s whim, so be prepared). Any items your Owner gives you can just as easily be taken away.

His/ Her will supersedes your own, and His/Her tiniest whim is your absolute law.

Jealousy and possessiveness of one's Owner are not becoming in a slave. It's you who are owned, not They. While any human may FEEL these emotions, a slave does not act upon them. It may be how you handle these feelings when you experience them that speak for your maturity and growth in your slavery.

A slave does not bargain, debate or argue. A Gorean slave does not expect to be rewarded, and takes pleasure from being pleasing and providing service.

Slaves should not enter into the conversations of Free Men and Women unless asked, they do not interrupt when a Free Person is speaking.

Slaves are to be pleasing at all times; there is no room for PMS or bad moods. Perfection of service and submission is the goal.

A slave accepts punishment and discipline without complaint and is in fact grateful for the time and energy put into correcting them.

When a slave fails to understand a command given to him or her, he/she politely asks for it to be clarified.

A slave is to serve all Free and be pleasing. However, if you are told to do something that goes against a direct order from your Owner, relate to the Master/ Mistress your Owner's wishes regarding the matter.