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ebony~Quin~Helisto's Profile

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ebony~Quin~Helisto (His sexy beast, *lil fire devil)
Female - 30 years old, Texas, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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~Gorean role play profile~

~ stands 5 ft 8 inches, weighs 125 lbs~

~long ebony tresses cascade caressing against her back in tantalizing waves that dance with her movement~

~icy blue eyes that glisten with mischief~

~ trained in the Red Savage ways, has a bit of silk training ~

~mischievous lil devil , known as lil fire devil~

~loves shiney and pretty things...loves to collect them in the pouch carried~

~no brands~

~ no piercings~

~restricted to the pleasures of my Master ~

~no lapping , no furring ~

~allowed to travel~

~given a silver anklet with bells placed and locked on her right ankle by Master Aiken on 4/16/2019~

~ given slave wine on 5/02/2019~

~upon the date of 5/16/2019.. given her heart , soul , body and the fires that rage within her slaves belly to my Master Quin~Helisto~W.. forever locked and His to have forever.~

~His sexy beast~

~enslave me, enrapture me, tame me~

~His temptation, His desire, His passion~



The collar is put on from without, but what it encircles comes from within. Slavery, true slavery, comes from within. Savages of Gor --pg. 210

"Do you know, ultimately," I asked, "who will prove to be your one best trainer?" "No, Master," she said. "You, yourself," I said, "the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine  them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become." ~Page 210 - Savages of Gor


"is natural for a slave girl, of course, to regard her master with a certain trepidation. She is after all, an animal, who is owned by him, over whom he has total power. The rational slave girl, will almost never intentionally displease her master. First, it is just to costly to do so. Secondly, for reasons that are sometimes obscure to men, these having to do with her being a female, she seldom desires to do so."
Savages of Gor, Pg. 140

The Gorean Master, commonly, likes a spirited girl, one who fights the whip and collar, resisting until the last, perhaps months later, she is overwhelmed and must acknowledge herself his, utterly and without reservation, then fearing only that he might tire of her and sell her to another.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 29

. . . the brand is impersonal; the collar is intensely personal; the brand marks her property; the collar proclaims whose property she is . . . the brand relationship to the free man is institutional; the collar relationship, on the other hand, is an intensely personal one.
Tribesmen of Gor     Book 10     Page 42