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And she felt him like a flame of desire, yet tender, and she felt herself melting in the flame. She let herself go."​



This song, these special.

Just as He is.   



Never a lip is curved with pain That can't be kissed into smiles again." ~Bret Harte~​




**visit s and myself as we gather with F/riends**

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in regards to jazmine and myself.....

"You two are like twins separated at birth, lol".......HH

and this...

'each just one shoe of a pair'.

and this, lol:

 sweet_mike_E : hi gal pals


If you ever find

yourself doubting

you can make it through

a challenge,

simply think back

to everything

you've overcome

in the past.





You will face many defeats in your life,

​but never allow yourself to be defeated.

​        ~maya angelou~


    Behind my smile is everything

             you'll never understand...